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London Art Nanny media kit
Media Kit

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What do other parents say?

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Francesca Davy 
  • Mother of two sons
  • Weekly art classes for five years

"To Arya, Charlotta made an almost magical appearance every week that we were there, with a suitcase of art materials and happy tunes on her phone by which to turn them into a variety of colourful arts and crafts."

Joey Bose

“Every class, miss Charlotta would show up with so many exciting colours, brushes, tools, fabrics, textures and activities to choose from. Tamer remained focused and highly interested because of miss Charlotta’s approach and personality.”

Sarah Khatoun

"Irmak chose art activity for her birthday party herself. Charlotta and their time together has been so precious to her and thus for us as mom and dad.

I sometimes overhear their conversations and I know how valuable it is to encourage a kid in the right manner and how important it is for them to be felt understood.

I find their "friendship" as our luck as mom and dad."

Ayca Sozen

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