How to make a hat // Parental Guidance

The parents' guide (PG) for getting the crafts on with your little artists

So for this project, all you need is:

  • Cardboard (any delivery boxes laying around..? If not, hold on to cereal boxes, they always come in handy.)

  • Acrylic or poster paint

  • Tape (masking tape or packaging tape works great. The stronger the better.)

  • PVA glue (optional, if you want to get a shiny surface, add a layer of PVA glue after the paint has dried).

  • Marker for drawing out the shapes. You can speak about the different shapes with your artist while drawing them out... As well as talking about measurements (bigger, smaller)

  • Scissors and a paint brush

To get the perfect fit for your little artist's hat: Use a strip of paper (about the width of a matchbox or say) and long enough to go around your child's head. Run the paper around the head until it meets at the front of the forehead. Take this as the measurement, tape it together as a circle. Then draw the circle on cardboard. This will give you the perfect fit!

Choose how wide you want to make the brim. I simply used a bigger fruit bowl to draw a bigger circle around it. Cut out the two circles. The bigger circle will be the brim, the smaller one will be the top of the hat.

For the cylinder shaped crown, I drew out a rectangle on cardboard. To get the right measurements you can open up the paper strip you used for measuring your child's head, then make the rectangle the same length. The height of the hat will be determined by how wide you make the rectangle.

I made mine the height of a wine bottle... Eer... I mean.. height of a kitchen paper roll...? :) Basically: It is not that precise, simply just use what you've got. That will make the hat tall enough to be used as a magician hat, for magic tricks ( ... making load toys disappear for awhile..?).

Here's the link to the Moomin book with gorgeous illustrations and a moving storyline written by Tove Jansson:

Swedish version

English version

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You can leave requests in the comments section on YouTube.. :)

Let's get creative!

Charlotta xx


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