How to make a KOALA tutorial / Parental Guidance

Thank you Anika for sending in Anna's request! If your little artists have requests, you can send them in by commenting on the video on youtube. Ok.. now... Let's get the brushes out!

Soooo the only thing that you need for this project:

- a paper roll (We never run out of these. Hold on to cereal boxes, egg boxes, paper rolls etc for future recycling art project)

- paint (Check out this page for the paints and glue we use: ART MATERIAL)

- glue

- printed PDF (or free drawing if you do not have access to a printer....or like me, always seem to be out of ink. Bah!)

1. Paint the paper roll

2. Cut out the details and colour them in

3. Glue on the details once the paint has dried

4. Paint a home for the koala, either on a paper or in a box

Easy peasy - and oh so fun! :)

Click on image for FREE downloadable template.

Cut out the parts.

Then glue the head part together with the cheeks.

Then glue the head part together with the cheeks.

Cut the sides of the head part into smaller stripes, so that you can bend the part to form a head following the cheeks.

Then glue the ears on at the back of the head. Too tricky? You can also paint the face straight on the roll! All depends on your little artist's development level...

If any questions or comments - get in touch! I love hearing how you get on with your crafts and if there is anything I can help you with.

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PS! Cool mums forward fun art projects like this to each other... And even cooler mums invite friends with kids over and do the projects together! :)


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