How to make a T-Rex baller

For the Fifa football world cup this year, our contribution was creating a T-Rex footballer. I love how different all of the dinos turned out, even though the task was the same for everyone. These kids are super creative!

Want to try it out with your little creatives?

All you need for this project is:

- Cardboard (cut out a body, tail and legs)

- Paper fasteners (to fasten the legs and tail so they can move)

- Paint (any paint... some artists chose water paint, others acrylic poster paint...)

- A bigger sized pompom (used as a football)

How long does this craft take? That all depends on how creative you guys get! It can be done in 20 min - but some of my artists sat and decorated and added details and colours for over an hour... :)

Any questions? I'm happy to help!

Don't know what materials to get? Here's some of what we use.

See you in the next video!

Charlotta Xx


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