How to make a Viking Ship

O'hoy all lovers of the sea. Due to my Scandi/Nordic background, as well as being brought up on an island, I love the sea and coast side.

Being based in London, I miss that side of the world sometimes! Walking down to the shore, watching waves, swimming, rowing etc... I recently travelled to the Isle of Wight here in England to get a taste of the British sea side and coast. I. Am. Sold. So gorgeous!

Anyhow, let me get to the point... ;) Viking Ships! That's what we made. I cut out the model ready for the kids. Then we taped and glued it together to make the ship, as well as painted, decorated, created masts, sails and anchors etc...

While you paint with your kids, it's a good time to let them explore mixing colours and figuring out how to make different shades etc.. Colour study - in a fun way! You can also take this time to talk about foreign times, how ships were one of the main transports before aeroplane etc... Kids tend to find it interesting to hear about how things were back in the days... and where things came from!

For this project you will need:

Cardboard (for the base)

Wooden stick (mast)

Felt / Paper / Piece of a plastic bag (sail)

Pipe cleanser (Anchor)

Milk bottle lids (shields)

Fruit net (fishing net)

PVA glue and tape

Have fun creating and see you in the next video! :)

Any questions? I'm happy to help!

Don't know what materials to get? Here's some of what we use.

Charlotta Xx


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