Price list

I provide the tools and encouragement, your children do the self expressing. Your children will be looked after and develop new skills while you get a break. Please find the prices for different services here. If you have special requests, do not hesitate to get intouch. Let's get creative!


all material included

£ 20 a child / hour in the comfort of your own home or your chosen venue. This also works great for playdates, or as a sibling afterschool activity (min 3 artists).


  • painting

  • drawing

  • collages

  • sculptures

  • crafting

  • card making

  • hand printing




For up to two little artists

All material included

A private one-on-one art class in the comfort of your own home

or as a playdate with a friend or sibling.


1 hour ..............£50.00

2 hours..............£70.00


Babysitting hours can be added for £15/h











all material included

1 h 45 min.................£220


For up to 10 children, if parents/carers attend. Please contact for quote for larger groups.


I provide a buffet of material and plan activities and crafting according to your child's interests!


Art goodybags can be added for an extra charge of £8/child.


all material included

£ 180 (2 children) for 8 hours of full daycare combined with art projects.



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