Starting price £65

Sensory Stimulation Play 

For under two year olds

How does it work?

 The classes are run from the comfort of my clients homes, meaning you do not need to get your children ready and drop them off somewhere - I come to you.

 The session is sensory stimulation orientated. The focus is more on developing fine motor skills, rather than the actually art work that comes out of it.

I test different techniques to see what your child responds to best:

  •  Foam play with lights and different materials

  •  Play dough with shapes and colours

  •  Finger painting with non toxic eatable paint (beetroot, turmeric, spinach powder etc...). This doesn't mean your baby will be having finger paint for lunch - but rather, they will not get any toxics in their systems if they happen to taste the paint.

  •  Chunky crayons: practising the hand and finger grip. 

  •  Paper ripping ( might sound odd, but this is actually a fantastic fine motor skill activity! As long as it isn't mummy's favourite magazine, ha...)

  •  Brush and water paint etc...


The sessions integrate:

  • colour study

  • counting

  • writing

  • shapes... 


 We build up your child's first art portfolio, to look back at what they have created and learnt during the year.



 Children are very different in their development, especially over their first three years. Meaning, the sensory play sessions is not for everyone. It completely depends on where the little one is in their development!

 To get you booked in for a weekly session, we would first need to do an assessment session to see if this suits your little one.

If this is something you would want your little one to try out, simply click the enquiry button on the left and we will get you booked in for your assessment session.

Let's get creative! :)

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